The Hygiene360 team are friendly and fun. We are also focused – focused on providing customers with the best product for them. We like to work with our customers to produce the best product for everyone.


We're no stranger to innovation

We're the team behind the WIPEPOD®. Guaranteed to improve hand and surface hygiene compliance! The WIPEPOD® is widely recognised as essential equipment for all organisations who take hygiene and health seriously.

Our Goal

Our goal is clear: to revolutionise washroom cleanliness up and down the country. We're already well on our way: as the producer of the Hygiene Monitor, we have years of experience in this field, and we're determined to continue to produce innovative approaches to washroom management.

Our Team

Jonathan Bradford

Managing Director

Jonathan has built his business on innovation and great customer service. The WIPEPOD is the worlds best commercial impregnated wipes dispenser. Hygiene360 has been developed through years of experience with the Hygiene Monitor. Find out more at thehygienecompany.com

Mark Henderson

Hygiene360 Development Manager

Mark has years of business experience, technical know-how and a knack for understanding customers needs. All of this makes him the perfect person to co-lead the Hygiene360 project. Mark leads on hardware updates and management and installation.

Daniel Winter

Hygiene360 Development Manager

Working with the Hygiene Monitors for almost 10 years has given Daniel knowledge of our customers needs. As co-leader of the Hygiene360 project, Daniel concentrates on coordinating software updates and process management.

We're Here for You

Call us, email us or write to us, and we'll be back to you as soon as we can. We love to talk, so to find out more about the product, contact us.